Introducing Ella b. Carr

Glenholme’s dog rescue ambassador, Ella B. Carr, along with her trainer and the students she worked with this fall, held a spectacular performance to introduce Ella to the school’s student community. Ella and her new friend, Winston along with the Glenholme youth-trainers took the stage in The Center for the Arts for a one-hour display of canine skills, intricate commands, joyous acts of kindness that featured everyone’s intelligence and showmanship.

Glenholme delighted all with a formal holiday introduction to demonstrate their knowledge in canine skill training, they had recently learned.  Ella B. Carr, the school’s official ambassador for the care and rescue of dogs told a moving story through video of her early weeks in a Florida everglades shelter. Rescued by Aura and Ken Carr, who then began her mission of Ella’s extensive training to assist students with disabilities, in their learning environment.  Since early October, Ella has visited campus weekly to help students develop the skills essential to interact, teach and learn from dogs.


Ella took the stage with Glenholme’s therapy Pug, Winston, and eleven students in a one hour presentation on Wednesday December 10, 2014. Students who work with Ella and Winston during their regular Tuesday enrichment program guided the dogs to perform physical challenges, respond to intricate commands and complete a festive obstacle course. Three students concluded the show with a song composed specifically for Ella’s introductory performance, a complete pleasure for all who attended. Watch 2 minute Video From The Show!

Working with dogs and horses at Glenholme continues to develop many new opportunities for the students and the animals at Glenholme. Teaching youth to work with dogs using a positive training model is a natural fit for the school and everyone’s success.

As the animal therapy program continues to take shape, Ella and Winston are becoming a prevailing presence at Glenholme.