Horses and Riders Grace Glenholme

Since the Glenholme Farm began in the late 1890s, horses have played an important part of its story. When the founders of the Glenholme Farm, the Van Sinderen family, came to Washington, it was during the “horse and buggy days.” The horses performed all types of work, from plowing the field to pleasure rides. As… Read more »

Kindness Counts

Earlier this month, Glenholme students contributed to their positive school community with random acts of kindness. For more than two weeks, students made an extra effort of making small gestures of kindness that made a big difference. The effort was contagious. Some of the kindness included: Volunteering to help a classmate in time of difficulty…. Read more »

Grizzlies Took on Grove

Earlier this week, the Grizzlies basketball team faced a formidable foe, the Grove Hawks Varsity squad. The Grizzlies played with much fortitude — making the most of every moment on the court. Defensively they were resilient. However, the basket remained elusive despite their endless offensive efforts. When final buzzer sounded, each Grizzly walked off the… Read more »