Recording Studio: Ending On a High Note

The Recording Studio, with its six and a half years of sound recording with students, is ending the 2016-2017 school year on a high note. Since its soft opening in December 2010, the Recording Studio has successful served students with a wide range of recording skills and musical experience. This month alone, the studio schedule… Read more »

Hats Off to Gavi. She is going to College!

Education faculty and staff of Glenhome applaud Gavi on her remarkable triumphs. During her high school career, she developed into an involved, responsible, creative, and academically-enthusiastic young lady. Gavi’s next step in her scholastic adventure — college. Gavi found her footing in Glenholme’s extensive offerings of after-school activities. She said, “One thing that helped me… Read more »

“A Movie” Hit Theaters

Each June, the biggest movie premiere is in Glenholme’s Center for the Arts. On Thursday night, the Movie Club film burst into the theater in a big way. “A Movie” is by far the best Movie Club movie in the group’s 11 year history. There was an abundance of Hollywood-level hoopla for the one night… Read more »

Hooray for Gary. He is headed to Hofstra!

As a decorated Student of the Month and all-around good-natured young man, it is with great pleasure Glenholme faculty give a huge hooray to Gary. He is headed to Hofstra! Last June, Glenholme staff members and students celebrated Gary when he was honored as Student of the Month for his exceptional character, reliability, and leadership… Read more »