Music Man, Jr. Makes a Return

After nearly eight years, Music Man, Jr., will officially make a return to Glenholme in March of 2018. Nearly 30 students are cast and rehearsing for this grand play. Based on Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man, the story is set in 1912 Iowa, tells the pure and naturally moral tale of a charismatic conman who… Read more »

Parents Respond

Parent Appreciation Week at Glenholme is a special time when students focus on the gratitude they have for their parents and for the school community to honor the essential role parents play in a student’s schooling. Emails, special messages, and hand-made coupons were delivered to parents throughout the first week of 2018. The coupons were… Read more »

Parent Seminar: Challenges of Technology

Parent Seminars return to the schedule with Friday, January 12th focusing on the impact and challenges of technology, and most significantly how this affects mental health in this generation. At Glenholme, Parent Seminars are a time for reflection and learning designed to help parents develop a strong working relationship with the school and an understanding… Read more »