Students Look to the Stars

Over a weekend in late January, a group of students had the pleasure of visiting the John McCarthy Observatory in New Milford. With the vast appeal of Astronomy, students enjoyed this natural tool to improve their scientific curiosity and literacy, as well as improved their skills in science and computers. Part of the visit took… Read more »

Exceptional Student Celebrated

At the start of each month, Glenholme faculty members present the sought-after Student of the Month award to the individual who exhibits exceptional character, dependability, and leadership qualities. In a special morning assembly on Tuesday, February 2nd, Justin was recognized by his teachers for these traits and more. Justin has made remarkable growth since starting… Read more »

Happy Devereux Founder’s Day 2016

February 2nd, Devereux Founder’s Day and Miss Devereux’s birthday, is an extraordinary day for everyone at Devereux. Not only do we celebrate our organization’s strength and longevity, we are reminded that no matter how it may advance and change, the values and principles of our founder are never far from our minds. The strength of… Read more »

Winter Pep Rally Brightens Up Glenholme

A sea of vibrant blue and gold filled the Glenholme gymnasium as a rhythmic drum beat filled the background. At 3:05 on Wednesday, students gathered on gym bleachers for the all-school pep rally during which the a capella group harmonize the national anthem, the basketball team perform skills and drills, and everyone partook in friendly… Read more »

Grizzlies Win Showdown with Eagles

In last Thursday night’s showdown between Glenholme and sporting rival, Maplebrook, fans had just about everything they could hope for in a basketball game: quick baskets, amazing defensive plays, three-point swishes, lots of energy and excitement, and cheers from the stands. School spirit filled the Glenholme gym for the basketball teams’ mid-week home game. From… Read more »

The Conscious Parent: by Shefali Tsabary PhD

In a recent Parent Seminar at Glenholme, clinical staff mentioned “The Conscious Parent” by Shefali Tsabary PhD. It is an illuminating adaptation of parent-child relationship for the parent who wishes to be part of transforming and empowering their child. Readers will profit enormously from the book’s simple and lovely, yet impactful message. For More Info:

Tons of Talent Seek Glenholme Idoldom

If you’re genuinely seeking undiscovered talent, why not try Glenholme? Last week marked the start of the fifth annual Glenholme Idol competitions. Auditions took place Wednesday and Thursday night in the Music Building. Over 25 exceptionally talented young vocalists and artists from around the world delivering their finest a cappella style song to the Head… Read more »

Celebrate the Power of Choice: School Choice Week 2016

As millions of people across the nation prepare to join in the thousands of National School Choice Week events, The Glenholme School strives to emphasizes the power and importance choice has for families seeking effective education for young people with special needs. Choice is an indispensable tool in building a promising future. In many instances,… Read more »

Music – A Powerful Motivator

The melodious hums of instruments and voices are welcoming sounds from the Music Building, with its traditional classes, private lessons, and the recording studio. In just five short years, the recording studio has become one of the many places where students go to find inspiration, relaxation from the rigors of class-work, and enjoyment. Student activities… Read more »