The Excitement is Building for Glenholme Idol 2015

The auditions of vastly talented teens are over. The selection of the new top talent is made. The ten incredibly gifted performers are set to showcase their talents in the premier of Glenholme Idol 2015 in The Center for the Arts on Sunday, January 25 before an excited audience of students, faculty, friends and family… Read more »

Gymnasium Expansion Is Coming Along Nicely

As you may know, our gym is undergoing an expansion to accommodate expanded seating for numerous spectators and offer improved climate controls. While the challenging New England winter weather and other unexpected obstacles have slowed progress, the project continues to evolve nicely.  The foundation is set and the interior walls are being installed. The gymnasium… Read more »

Hard Court Victory for the Grizzlies

On Wednesday, January 15, the Grizzly Basketball team traveled to New York for a matchup with the forbidding Maplebrook Eagles. The Grizzlies won the jump ball and put the first points on the scoreboard smooth layup basket. David was on fire, scoring 19 points in a row to open the game and a 19-4 run… Read more »

Rare Repeat Recipient of Student of the Month Award

Each month throughout the school year, the teaching faculty members of Glenholme present the Student of the Month award to one exemplary student for their leadership qualities, dependability and outstanding character. In a mid-day assembly on Wednesday, January 14th, Isabella was publicly affirmed by her teachers for her many admirable qualities. As Glenholme’s all-around first-class… Read more »

It’s All Enjoyment at the Student Social

On Friday, January 9, Glenholme students celebrated the winter season with music and merriment. The DJ filled the Dining Hall with an energetic mix of dance, pop, rock, and hip-hop tunes. Dancing, delicious treats and great fun provided hours of enjoyment for all. Group functions are vital to the social and emotional development of students… Read more »

Parents are Prized by Students and Staff of Glenholme

For one full week at the start of each New Year, Glenholme celebrates the important role parents play in the lives of their children with Parent Appreciation Week. For the occasion, staff and students shared their favorite activities at the school through fun photos, amusing video clips, sweet notes and surprising phone calls — all… Read more »

January is International Creativity Month!

Imagination, inspiration, and inventiveness are all synonymous with creativity. Although creativity requires passion, dedication, and practice, it brings with it positive emotions, greater satisfaction, and an improved sense of personal achievement. Good news! Everyone has the ability to be creative and International Creativity Month the ideal reminder of the power and significance of nurturing and… Read more »

Glenholme Creates Holiday Cheer for the Community

This year, as in several years past, The Glenholme School sponsored a family in need of some extra holiday cheer through the Washington Town Hall. In the single gift-giving effort, the campus came together to raise funds and buy gifts for the adopted family. Students arranged a faculty-sponsored auction and organized ticket sales to staff… Read more »