Glenholme GEO: Northern Watersnake

This northern watersnake was found recently along a dirt road in Macedonia State Park in Kent. The non-venomous snake has a large range from Maine to North Carolina. These snakes do well in farm ponds and reservoirs. Curious by nature, this brown-toned reptile will swim right up to people wading in water. The snake will Read More »

Prehistoric-Looking Snapping Turtle

Does this prehistoric-looking snapping turtle look like it belongs in a Jurassic Park movie? Well, snapping turtles have been around since the Jurassic Period nearly 200 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth. This sharp-beaked reptile was found crossing the road in Washington recently not far from the Glenholme School. Females lay eggs in Read More »

Apple Picking in New England

Recently the Glenholme Transition Program spent an afternoon at Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel, CT. They picked apples and gathered pumpkins, enjoying the absolutely beautiful autumn weather. Photos by Ms. Pugh

Educational Consultants Visit Glenholme

Fifteen educational consultants descended upon the Glenholme School this week as part of the Learning Disabilities Schools of New England Fall Tour. The annual event gives consultants a chance to visit and better understand 10 schools over a five-day period throughout the Northeast. Consultants visited programs in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Massachusetts.