NBA Player Visits Campus

Evan Turner, a professional NBA player with the Portland Trailblazers, visited Glenholme and delivered an unbelievably uplifting message to students. He sat down in the Center for the Arts and spoke about overcoming adversity, maintaining a positive outlook, developing resilience, giving back, and being health — physically and mentally. After the short talk in the… Read more »

Fall Tour of LD Schools

Glenholme is glad to be part of IECA’s Fall Tour of LD Schools in the Northeast for the seventh straight year. The tour provides an incredible opportunity for a small group of educational consultants to tour 11 schools across 5 states in just 6 days. The tour takes place during one of the most picturesque… Read more »

Students #DoGreatThings

At Glenholme, there is a strong consensus that doing good things for others is a key to happiness. Helping others has a positive effect on one’s body, mind and spirit. This is something students, even newcomers, seem to learn and understand quickly. Each year, the community service program reports a 100% participation rate from students…. Read more »

Year-End Learning Fun

Exams are, without a doubt, one of the toughest times during the school year. What do you do with the time after exams and before the school year ends? You make learning fun again. In Economics, Ms. Lichaj did just that. She broke out her Monopoly game and sat down with Mark, the lone student… Read more »