New Mascot Unveiled

Being the mascot at Glenholme is undoubted a memorable experience. For this school year, 2016-2017, it will be even more extraordinary for the fortunate sleuth of grizzly-loving students. The 2015-16 Student Council members selected, purchased and donated a new grizzly costume to the school as part of their annual gift to Glenholme at Parents’ Weekend… Read more »

Ready…! Set…! Sports…!

Athletics can be a great tool to help build confidence in young people. Sportsmanship is a main focus in the athletics program at Glenholme. The social aspect of athletics encourages participation of all students to the best of their abilities, to try new positions, and to make a positive contribution in some way. The actions… Read more »

“Whodunnit” Comes to Glenholme

Over the summer, a creative team of four very talented actors and writers including Luke, Cassidy, Mark S. and Gavi, were busy writing an original fall play entitled, ‘Whodunnit,’ a modern fictional murder mystery in which guests come to a dinner party and start mysteriously disappearing. The team met regularly each week, sometimes as much… Read more »

Master of the Dance

Joe planned and hosted a marvelous evening of dancing and socializing at Glenholme. He picked the theme, choose decorations, designed the lighting, selected food options and provided a list of preferred music to the professional DJ. Everyone had a fantastic time!!! Thank You Joe!! Master of the Dance was an item from our Parent’s Weekend… Read more »

Boarding Appreciation Week, September 5 – 9

Last week, Glenholme happily recognized the Boarding Faculty for choosing the path to guide and support young people to leading productive and meaningful lives. Their unwavering dedication to this pursuit is a noble path toward a better world. Every day Boarding Faculty contribute to this cause and in doing so, they solidify the mission of… Read more »

Recognizing Perfect Attendance

Acknowledging student achievement, particularly for perfect attendance, empowers young people. At Glenholme, the education faculty take the time to recognize students with special community ceremonies. Honor Roll, Student of the Month, and annual academic awards are presented to students at various times throughout the year. On Wednesday, during the Welcome Assembly in the gymnasium, two… Read more »