Wellness for Life Launched

On Wednesday, Glenholme launched a new Wellness for Life program that aims to empower and support staff and students in leading healthy lives and improving overall wellness. The plan approaches fitness and health with enjoyable and engaging, results-driven wellness challenges tailored to suit the varying needs and interests of the participants. Preparations for the kickoff… Read more »

Aloha, Summer 2017!

The Luau celebration officially welcomes summer. Just a little more than two full weeks into the July session and students say “Hello” to summer with the ultimate feel good celebration, the Luau. The mid-summer afternoon was ideal for the Hawaiian event. The Luau, the summer-opening celebration, incorporates favorite island-themed activities with a little modern-day flair…. Read more »

Healthy Choices at the Barbecue!

Healthy and fun lunch-time choices. The Summer Barbecue means good gatherings, good times, and good food—even for individuals striving to eat healthy and stay healthy. In addition to proper portions of healthy meats and cheeses, there is always ample options of fresh and grilled vegetables and a selection of fruits. Eating outdoors in summer is… Read more »