Glenholme Graduation 2016!

Amidst bright skies, inspirational words, and jovial gatherings, the seventeen members of The Glenholme School Class of 2016, robed in their regalia of blue and white, received their diplomas and celebrated their achievements on Wednesday, June 22. The independent, coeducational, special needs boarding school began its twelfth commencement exercises with the processional walk from the… Read more »

Yearbook Signing Signals Success

It is an art to signing a yearbook successfully. When the pen is put to a yearbook page, it becomes something everyone can see and read. Students of Glenholme clearly understand this. Earlier this week, they exchanged yearbooks, applied thoughtfulness, made their entries interesting and personal, and even spelled out their acronyms (as today’s abbreviations… Read more »

Recognizing Academic-Achievers with the Year-End Awards Ceremony

Acknowledging achievements, even in a small way, is known to increase positive emotions such as pride, happiness, and self-confidence. There is a mounting body of research that correlates the regular cultivation of positive emotions with psychological well-being, resilience and living longer. Glenholme understands that celebrating academic achievement is essential for students. Not only does it… Read more »

Athletic Stars Shine at the annual Spring Sports Awards

In June, the spring sporting season climaxed with the much awaited sports awards event. The evening began with recognition of the softball captains. These athletes fulfilled their role model positions to their teammates and peers with grace and pride. The celebration continued with acknowledgment of each athlete for his or her dedication, hard work and… Read more »

Seeing Stars at the Glenholme Movie Club Premiere

In Washington, the hottest spot for a movie premiere is Glenholme’s theater, The Center for the Arts. Not only do the stars of the movie come out for these debut screenings, but a host of other personalities and professionals usually show up as well. Oodles of onlookers traditionally join the hoopla in hopes of seeing… Read more »

The Human-Horse Relationship

Last week, Chelsea Bourn, a well-regarded Glenholme staff member sat down for a conversation with blog-talk education professional, Lon Woodbury of Woodbury Reports, Inc. and Woodbury Reports, Inc. was founded in November 1989, by Lon Woodbury, MA, IECA, CEP, who has provided independent educational consulting services since 1994 with the focus of assisting parents… Read more »

Cabaret: Performing Live on the “Big Stage”

Performing on the ‘big stage’ is usually quite demanding, frequently euphoric, and occasionally it is both simultaneously. For the athlete, it’s equivalent to winning a championship match televised across the globe. Such high-level performers require strategies to put themselves in the proper mindset for performing at their best before a live audience. This is true… Read more »

The Commons Boutique: An On-Campus Career Development

The Commons Boutique, formerly the Glenholme School Store located next to The Commons, recently opened under the management of the Transition students. The on-campus location and service is ideal for Transition students to utilize in preparation for many vocational and career opportunities. Practice in merchandising, inventory control, money management, and point of sale systems are… Read more »